The origins Generic Core saw a technology driven company founded based on the South African market and needs, but while trading has been on the African continent our standards have drawn inspiration from world standards of developed countries through extensive technology research.

Since we started trading in 2004 we have contributed to an extensive list of projects for both Private and The Public Sector.

We are proud to claim successful completion of all projects we have been part of since we started trading.

    Our portfolio encompasses

  • Hospitals and Clinic
  • Schools
  • Residential Building
  • Warehouse
  • Shopping Complex
  • ICT Data Centres
  • Electrical Infrastructures

The services on our track record are in Electrical, ICT and Mechanical, all design and installation.

Our team is young and boast extensive modern technological research and years of experience. With our awareness that knowledge is power, we give back to upcoming professional in the technology sector buy providing on job training for academics in their final year of learning.

Some of these fortunate candidates form part of our team after graduating.